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VPS-BV updates!

December 2018


Double Expanding Plug Valves?

No problem, VPS-BV can support you with either Reduced Bore or Full bore Double Expanding Plug Valves. 

Full Bore/Reduced Bore

Size: From 2” to 24” Pressure Class: ASME Class from #150 to #600


-         Manual Body Bleed

-         Thermal Relief to Body

-         Manual Bleed and Thermal Relief   

Unlike other valve types, our Dual Expanding plug valve guarantees bubble tight seal without causing any abrasion or wear on the slips seals due to its mechanism of retract/expand the slips from/to the body before starting with rotation. This solution provides "Zero-leakage" upstream and downstream, secure a long life-time of valves and seals as well as a low opening and closing torque.  

All valves are made by European Manufacturers and comply to the following rules/standards;  API 6D, ASME B16.34, API 6FA, API 607, ISO 10497, API Q1, ISO 9001, ATEX, CE/PED, IEC 61508 & 61511 (SIL)  

November 2018

VPS-BV teamed up with MLG Instruments, our brand for LEVEL INDICATION.

The magnetic level indicators of MLG Instruments are maintenance-free and suitable to indicate the level in a closed vessel.  They provide a reliable and effective level solution, all can be equiped with transmitter and switch options.

A perfect alternative for reflex, transparant or tube level indicators.

All products are manufactured  in accordance to your (and end-user) requirements.  MLG can manufactur exactly what is needed and are able to supply in a very short delivery time window,  (including electrical options)

Oktober 2018

We have supplied a platform riser ball valve 14" Class #900, LF2 Body with F51 ball and stem.

Due to the current (critical) situation, as the platform is nearly finished production, we were asked to supply this valve within days......

The actual painting process in accordance to client specifications took longer that the actual search and supply.

That's how we roll....

Further more we performed the Hydrostatic Shell test: 

14" #900 Trunnion Ball Valve (platform riser valve) , LF2 body with F51 Ball and Stem. Tested (and passed) in acc to API-6D. 

Upon client request we re-tested with extended test duration. We applied the hydrostatic shell (witness) test with 90 minutes test duration at full rating (230 Bar).  We passed……. 


We procure, we supply………that simple.

September 2018

Valve Procurement and Supply  (VPS-BV) can now proudly say to have added the following industrial equipment to their portfolio. 

These are added to our standard product range. (Gate/Globe /Check/Ball and Butterfly Valves.) 

- Needle valves.  1-way, 2-way, 3-way. 

 - Manifold Valves, (for mounting transmitters)

 - MONO Flange valves  

 - Float Level Switches  

 - Magnetic Level Indicators  

 - Thermowells 

 - Thermometers  

 - Flame Arrestors, Inline, end-of-line,  Detonation, Deflagration 

 - Pressure / Vacuum Valves  

 - Relief Vents  

 - Tank Blanketing Valves 

 - Bursting disc  

 - Safety Valves, spring loaded, Pilot operated, high pressure steam 

 - Changeover valves  


Are you in need of one of the above?, send your request to 

We procure, we supply…..that simple.

 August 2018

VPS-BV, your partner when projects need to be executed in time and within budget.

Manual Valves:

We managed to supply:  88 valves in DIN design, on time (within 2 weeks!!)

Gate’s,  PN40                                      49 pcs

Ball Valves, PN40 & PN 16           36 pcs

Check Valves, PN40                           3 pcs


Actuated Valves

Ball Valves, 2” and 1”                         21 pcs.                (within 2 weeks!!)

DIN Design.

Operator:  Electric Actuators with integral limit switches.


Additional Supplied Valves/Components

Bronze Strainers:                                  1 pcs

Flame Arrestors                                   3 pcs

The above valves are used in a switchyard platform (OSY), destination North Sea.


Safety Valves:

1 ½” #1500 inlet,                                   1 pce.

2” #300 outlet, flanged, Orifice “D”.

Material             : A995 Gr. 6A (Super Duplex)


Flame Arrestors, Inline Detonation

Size 4”                                                         1 pce

Material             : F316 Stainless Steel



2” #900, RTJ Ends,                               2 pce

Strainers (fabricated)

Material             : F51 (Duplex)

The above valves are installed at a unmanned platform,  destination North Sea. 

Februari 2018:

Just recently we managed to secure an order for the supply of a variety of valves.

These valves are Swing Check valves and  have a  1" flanged connection.  Quit rare as we normally would suggest to use piston type or ball type check valves.

Furthermore, we were requested to supply a large quantity of Bronze Gate valves.  Again, within a very short period in time. Of course this is no issue to us. Pictures will be uploaded once they’re ready for shipment.

We procured, we supplied.......that simple!